Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Untitled Post

All that needs to be done to Lil' Ellie is to pad out the waist and hips.  In the meantime, we are perfecting a new PMB sloper, this time out of muslin and not that Swedish Tracing Paper.  That makes a really crappy sloper.  I just have to refine the shoulders on the sloper and I will be ready to move forward with this project.

I am not forgetting my promise to "review" Strattera.  Here it is:  Started out with way too big a dose. (40 mg)  Constipation, I mean, REALLY.  It made me VERY CRANKY.  Also, I could not get to sleep at all.  I decided to go off it.  Then I really got depressed, because I can't tolerate the stimulant type of meds for my ADHD.  So after a while, I tried it again, but started at 10 mg.  I slowly worked my way up to 25 mg.  It works as well as anything could......Yes, I can now organize, focus and all that good stuff.  Sometimes it makes me really sick to my stomach, especially late at night, but you know, you gotta suffer if you wanna sing the blues.  Actually, my executive function is working quite well.  I just wish I didn't have so many balls in the air.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Nanami the Wonder Cat

Is there any sewer out there who hasn't posted the obligatory photo of their cat? Here's mine although she is really Ellie's cat. She should really get credit for guest blogging because she actually has her own blog. Meeeoowww!

front, with the knit cover

Here's the front and after the next post I am taking a break. Remind me in 6 weeks to write a review of Strattera.

the back with a stretch knit temporary cover

I put a knit cover on the form to "see" where I was in the process. I see that I need to work on the waist and hip. The angle of the photo makes her back look very distorted and overly large in relation to lower torso. I think in the previous photo the bust also looks very large in proportion and with the cover on and a better photo, it looks more like Big Ellie.

front of bust

front of bust
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Continuing to work on the bust---I lined the cups with the shoulder pads to give a natural shape. I then used batting and smaller cut and folded sections of shoulder pads to fill out and give solidity.

using the PMB sloper to check the padding process

I have a sloper from Wild Ginger PatternMaster Boutique that I used to check my progress. I had made 2 or 3 slopers for her and still had some problems with the fit, so I decided to supplement the sloper with the dress form. These photos were taken at the beginning of the summer and now the waist and hip measures are obsolete, so I will probably make another one. I plan to draft the cover in PMB out of muslin. I make slopers out of this gridded stuff or Swedish Tracing Paper because it's a much less tedious way to mark the darts and such. The problem is that Ellie says "IT'S ITCHY, MA!"
When I draft the cover for the form I will draft it with "no ease" so it fits skintight.

working on the bust

working on the bust
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I started working on the bust. I found it really difficult to duplicate the look, feel, heft or whatever of the natural bustline using quilt batting. Big Ellie wears only sportsbras, so the whole thing is kind of indeterminate. You can see that using big shoulder pads gave it more solidity. I also needed more padding in the upper chest area. I will also need to wrap the neck a little to get to her measurement.

I have been measuring, and comparing, but not obsessively so.