Sunday, August 19, 2007

Starting to pad

Starting to pad
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First I used the tape to hold the form to the high bust measurement, the total front and back widths and then the shoulder length. The chest area under the bust point was a little too full, but more on that later.

I then established the back waist length. On Ellie I marked a horizontal line at bust level, but in the back. I measured from the prominent cervical vertebra to this mid-back point and then from the mid point down to the natural waistline. I saw that she is very short waisted from the mid point down, but above that point she has a long rounded upper back. I worked on sculpting this back and shoulder blade shape with shoulder pads and batting.

I used quilt batting and I have to say I HATE it for padding out a dress form. I much prefer the polyurethane foam that is in some of the shoulder pads.

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